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Surface Deformation

Pavements should recover their original configuration after repeated traffic loading. When they lose their strength and elasticity, the result is permanent deformation. Pavements with ruts, slippage or shoving are unsafe, they pool water and will continue to deteriorate over time. Solving this problem requires understanding the cause, which may be an unstable base, a poor aggregate structure in the mix, or too rich asphalt binder content. Causes also include too low air voids, too soft asphalt binder, insufficient tack between pavement layers, moisture damage, or even wear by studded snow tires. Asphalt binder related deformations usually appear during the first wave of hot weather after construction, before the binder has a chance to age harden.

A Colas Solutions representatives can help diagnose the cause of your road deformation and find the perfect solution. For your local needs, the Colas' family of affiliate companies can provide the quality design, material and construction to prevent the problem or replace existing deformed pavement layers. We have products and technologies for preparing robust, stabilized bases, as well as mixes with strong, angular, stone-on-stone aggregate structure which we combine with the right percentage and grade of asphalt binder selected for the climate and traffic. Our superior binders resist flow at high temperature as well as inhibit cracking at low temperature. We can boost performance with our additives to prevent moisture from destroying the bonds between aggregate and asphalt binder.

Our FastTack™ product provides the bonding between pavement layers that prevent slippage and strengthen the overall pavement structure. Recent studies have shown that effectively tacked pavement layers have significantly higher structural numbers than those poorly tacked.

If the pavement structure is stable and the ruts non-working, Colas microsurfacing such as MicRoad® can fill the ruts and provide a safe, smooth and skid-resistant surface.

Colas Solutions innovative technologies for quality pavements are engineered to be environmentally friendly, long lasting and make the most effective use of paving funds. Let us help find the most efficient solution for your rutting, shoving and slippage problems.

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Technologies for Surface Deformation:

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