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Cracks develop when the asphalt, binding the aggregates together in the pavement, loses cohesion. Cracks can be caused by a number of factors: the pavement mixture may not have had enough asphalt, the asphalt may not be elastic enough in cold weather, or the asphalt has become brittle after aging and oxidization. Cracks can be classified as follows:

  • Thermal cracks are caused when the asphalt tries to contract in cold weather. They are often equally-spaced, transverse across the pavement.
  • Fatigue cracks form after repeated traffic loading on aging pavement or when the base is not strong enough to support the pavement. Typically, they have an alligatored pattern.
  • Reflective cracks form when cracking in the old pavement reflects up through new overlays.

If not treated promptly, cracks can lead to premature pavement failure. Allowing cracks to propagate allows water intrusion, which weakens the base and destabilizes the entire pavement structure; as the cracks widen, they ravel and form potholes. If cracks are not properly treated at an early stage, the road will continue to deteriorate, requiring evermore extensive (and expensive) repairs.

Colas Solutions™ offers several effective treatments for pavement cracks, depending on the nature and extent of the cracking. Crack filling and sealing with ColJoint® stops the cracks before they cause permanent damage. Placing FiberMat® over existing pavements before they are overlaid retards reflective cracking through the new pavement surface, while surface treatments such as UltraWear™ fill small cracks and seal the surface, protecting it from further oxidation.

If the pavement’s condition is too far deteriorated to benefit from these treatments, recycling is a great option. When there is sufficient asphalt base present in the old pavement, Cold In-place Recycling will remove most or all of the cracks. If there is not enough asphalt base present, then Full Depth Recycling is the best option.

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