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EcoPrime™ “Ecologically friendly base preparation - protection until the next phase begins.”

EcoPrime™ is an eco-friendly, solventless asphalt prime.  Manufactured from sustainable, natural resources that do not pollute waterways or air.  EcoPrime™ is also water-based, safe for workers, and easy to use while providing superior penetration into the base, binding of surface fines, and bonding between an underlying surface and overlays.


Ecologically friendly base preparation

EcoPrime™ Advantages

  • Solventless, no flammable or harmful volatiles
  • Can be formulated with renewable resources
  • Superior penetration into the base over conventional emulsions
  • Excellent dust control properties
  • Toughens the base surface to prevent damage from construction equipment
  • Costs and binds loose material on the surface of the applied base course materials
  • Provides excellent adhesion between the base layer and the subsequent overlay course