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EcoMat® “Environmental advantages and greater durability.”

EcoMat® mixes are not only some of the most environmentally advantageous in the industry, but they are also the most workable and easiest to use.

While remaining a highly durable paving system, particularly at lower temperatures, EcoMat® requires signifcantly less energy consumption during the production process and uses lower working temperatures that reduce equipment wear and tear.  Add in the benefit of EcoMat being highly recyclable, and our customers’ projects are qualifying for LEED credits when they choose EcoMat® from Colas Solutions.


Environmental advantages and greater durability.

EcoMat® Advantages

  • 10-15% energy savings
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • VOC’s lowered by 50% 
  • Enhanced recycled content
  • Improved on-site air quality
  • LEED qualifying
  • Greater workability at lower temperatures
  • Longer paving season and haul distances
  • Increased service life
  • Greater durability