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DustClear™ “Controlling dust, while protecting the road.”

DustClear™ is a water-based asphalt emulsion, formulated with specialty additives that penetrate the graded surface and leave residual asphalt that significantly controls dust, while keeping the surface stable during wet and freezing weather.

DustClear™ G is derived from renewable agricultural materials. A plant-based dust palliative, DustClear G effectively prolongs dust control on road surfaces and is one of the most environmentally friendly products available.

Both DustClear™ and DustClear™ G are engineered to bond the road surface together adding a waterproofing effect for further road protection.


Controlling dust, while protecting the road.

DustClear™ Advantages

  • Reducing gravel loss and sediment runoff
  • Reducing airborne dust
  • Preventing the safety hazards of mud
  • Keeping gravel in place, reducing rutting and potholes
  • Reducing dust which can contribute to health problems and cleaning costs
  • Reducing the carbon footprint with environmentally sustainable EcoDust G
  • Improving waterproofing and road protection
  • No hazardous petroleum solvents polluting the air or soils