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Training and Education

At Colas Solutions, it is our belief that we have a responsibility within our industry be continually developing new and improved products and applications that bring the most value to our customers, all while offering the greatest environmental benefits to our planet. 

Colas Solutions is not only committed to the practice of continuous research, but to ongoing training, educating and sharing of information.  We do this, not just within our own company's vast network of manufacturing and construction affiliates, but also within our customer organizations, user agencies and industry associations.  Our commitment to education and training allows us to share the most current advancements in paving technologies and process improvements, while at the same time receive feedback that serves to steer us toward new opportunities for advancement.  The openness we have when it comes to sharing information has established Colas Solutions as a highly knowledgeable and trusted partner in the paving industry. 

Since its official opening on June 1, 2011, the state-of-the-art training center at the Colas Solutions Technology Center in Cincinnati, Ohio has been touted as one of the most advanced and well-planned asphalt technology education centers in the industry.  The CSTC training center has the capacity to accommodate nearly 100 attendees allowing for both regional and national training programs to be conducted here.  In addition, the Technology Center is home to the nation's only advanced research and development lab operated by a highway and pavement preservation construction group .  Participation in educational events at the Technology Center offers attendees an intimate look into the scientific expertise, technology and equipment used to bring the very best infrastructure construction and pavement preservation solutions to market.

At Colas Solutions, our desire is to help our affiliate groups, our customers and the industry as a whole understand the various solutions we offer.  We want the industry to fully understand the product benefits as well as the limitations so that they can make the right choice, for the right road, at the right time. Choices are best made when they are based upon consideration of a specific road distress, on the length of performance that is desired, and comparable cost for a particular treatment. Keeping in mind that the initial price of a product or process is not always the "total cost" that they will bear for choosing a particular solution.  A cheaper treatment many times can ultimately cost more to the user in the long run when it proves difficult to maintain and does not perform as expected.  Education is a key tool we use to help deliver our world of innovations with a local presence. 

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