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Industry Leadership

At Colas Solutions™, we have enjoyed a great deal of success within the paving industry as a direct result of our heritage of ground-breaking research and development.

In the early 1920s, two British chemists, Hugh Alan Mackay and George Samuel Hay, devised the first bitumen emulsion. The ensuing "Cold Asphalt" patent, from which the "Colas" name is derived, was first licensed in 1924.

Since those early days of the 1920's, our industry has become much more complex. The demands placed on infrastructure and budgets today have necessitated that we do more with less and make things last longer in the process.  To address the issues of doing more with less, Colas Solutions™ maintains a strong focus on research and development and a belief in continuous improvement of our products, systems and services.

Colas Solutions™ has established itself as an industry leader through the development of innovative and responsible solutions for building, maintaining and preserving today's infrastructure investments.  We are proud of the industry trust and leadership that we have earned through our ongoing focus on training and education of our employees, customers, and communities. 

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